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Matinee is a love story of a Video Parlour ticket collector who loves movies and never misses a Matinee show.


A heartwarming Hindi biopic of the first-generation modern Indian icons JyotibaPhule and SAVITRI Bai Phule.


She comes out of prison after 14 years. She was proven guilty for a crime she had not committed. Referred by everyone as Tiwari, she intends to make use of the second chance life has given her. But destiny has other plans..


Don’t fit in. Be a Misfit. This is a world of sitcom where memorable characters will make you laugh cry and live a world that we all relate to!


Darsheel suffers from trauma and amnesia after a freak accident. He suddenly gets embroiled in a murder mystery revolving around a Rocket Killer!


A quirky autistic teacher, Brahmachari Mishra decides to catch a killer who is way more smarter than he is!


A thriller set in space. Directed by an ex-nasaSceintist Dr.Bedabarata Pain

Rohan Sippy Project 2

Another project being planned by the same team of Misfits. Now under development